The Book of My Family

30-year-old Kaohsiung native Liu Jun-you is a passionate and enterprising young man seeking to make his name in Taipei as a BookTuber.

In this episode, we discover what effect his mother's iron-fisted parenting style has had on Jun-you's attitude to life; how state-of-the-art technology allows Jun-you's family to navigate awkward face-to-face confrontations; and how despite being a business-savvy entrepreneur, Jun-you's still a scatterbrain when it comes to daily life.


Liu Jun-you: My dad assumed that I'd come up to Taipei and if it didn't work out after three years I'd go back home. So I knew that I had to make headway during these years.

Lei Shu-xiang: I don't know if my parenting succeeded. But I don't believe in parenting with love. Beatings are the only way. He and his sister have a 2-year age gap. On one occasion their quarreling was driving me insane. I ordered them to kneel in the doorway. When I think back, I regret that. Why did I do that?


Mr. Cute:Each person in their family has a great attitude They all have business aspirations and want to work hard. But they communicate with each other in a particular way.