Taiwanese Workshops

Sweet Childhood


Director: Sancun Team
World Premiere
  • 2018
  • Taiwan
  • Documentary
  • Color
  • 7 Mins
  • 0+
  • 8+

Yi-jia's grandfather is a beekeeper for 40 years. Having been around bees since he is young, Yi-jia knows bees well, while many people are scared of them. Now he is taking 2 classmates to experience the hard work and joy of beekeeping, and explore the world of bees.

Executive Producer: Ming-His, Hsieh
Crew:Shih-Yin, Chiu、 Chen-Yi, Lin、Hsin-Jung, Lu、Ni-Jing, Cai、Ya-Zhen, Cai
Producer: Wen-Long,Lin

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04-04 (Wed) 13:10 VieShow Hsin Yi 13
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