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Hi~Siri! Oh No~ It’s Mom


Director:Hi Siri
World Premiere
  • 2018
  • Taiwan
  • Animation Short
  • Color
  • 8 Mins
  • 0+
  • 8+

Grownups are so attached to their smartphones but want to keep their kids away from the phones. What if there's a world without grownups so the children can enjoy the freedom of using smartphones? And what if someday all the grownups are turned into smartphones so the children will be happy?

Executive Producer: Hsin-i, Tai
Crew: Chih-Wen, Hsu、Shuo-Heng, Li、Jyun-Yi, Lin、Dui-Yi, Hsu、Bo-Yu, Lin、Yu-Sheng, Lo、Yu-Chia, Kao、Yu-Siang, Shen
Producer: Chiu-Wan, Lin


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04-04 (Wed) 13:10 VieShow Hsin Yi 13
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