Thinking Outside The Box



Director:Filip Diviak
Taiwan Premiere
  • 2017
  • Czech Republic
  • Animation Short
  • Color
  • 9 Mins
  • 0+
  • 4+
  • 2017 Annecy Int'l Film Festival

The story is about the stereotypical life of an old man who works as an awaker, man waking up people. His life is always the same, until one day he gets an old shiny bell as reward. His son is thrilled with the tinkling of the bell, so the man collects more bells to entertain his son. And to his surprise, the function of the bells is beyond his expectation!

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04-01 (Sun) 17:50 VieShow Hsin Yi 13
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04-05 (Thu) 18:20 VieShow Hsin Yi 13
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