TV/WEB Program

Boo Boom - The long way home "A springtime of war"


Director:Maurizio Forestieri
Asia Premiere
  • 2015
  • Italy
  • TV/Web Program
  • Color
  • 22 Mins
  • 0+
  • 8+
  • 2017 Annecy Int'l Animation Film Festival Nominee

Central Italy, spring 1944. A little boy and his family are forced to flee their home because of war. Their truck is attacked by an air raid, and the boy is separated from his parents. A horse named Boldsteed finds the dazed boy. Being shell-shocked, all the little boy can say is "Boo Boom", so that's what the horse decides to call him: Boo Boom. They also bump into Aurelia, an alley cat, and together they embark on the journey to reunite the boy with his parents...

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04-01 (Sun) 12:30 VieShow Hsin Yi 12
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04-06 (Fri) 17:50 VieShow Hsin Yi 12