2016 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival / 2016/03/31-04/07 / VieShow Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi

  • Best Dramatic FeatureBirds of Passage
  • Best Dramatic Short:Marina’s Ocean
  • Best Animation Boy and the World
  • Best TV ProgramMimicries: The Secret of Black and Yellow
  • Taiwan AwardFirst Launch
  • Special Jury Award: Secrets of War
  • Secrets of WarFreestyle Football Boy
  • Audience Award:Secrets of War

2014 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival / 2014/03/27-04/06 / VieShow Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi

  • Best Dramatic FeatureKauwboy
  • Best AnimationRabbit and Deer
  • Best Documentary:None Selected
  • Best Television ProgramDesign Ah! #19 I Know an Animal: Snail 
  • Taiwan Award​​​​​​​:Before Summer Rain
  • Special Jury Award​​​​​​​:[mu:stərman] – a Flood Story
  • Audience Award​​​​​​​:Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods
  • Children's Jury Award​​​​​​​:No Boundaries 

2012 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival / 2012/03/29-04/05 / VieShow Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi

  • Best Dramatic Feature or Short​​​​​​​:Eep!
  • Best Animation​​​​​​​:Teclopolis
  • Best Documentary​​​​​​​:Once Upon a Hill
  • Best Television ProgramMind Samples
  • Taiwan AwardMy Graduation Travel
  • Special Jury Prize​​​​​​​:Colors of the Mountain
  • Children’s Jury PrizeOur Secrets After School
  • Audience AwardMonster and Dumpling

2010 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival / 2010/04/04-04/11 / Eslite Xin Yi Store & VieShow Cinemas Taipei

  • Best Fiction:The Magic Tree
  • Best Animation:Nicolas & Guillemette
  • Best Documentary:How I Am
  • Best TV Program:The Yellow House - The Flower Queen
  • Best Taiwan Film:My Space Grandma
  • Best Taiwan TV Program:Olympig - Summer Night Adventure
  • Best Taiwan Kids Production:After-School Hours in the Village
  • Special Jury Award:KJ: Music and Life
  • Audience Award:The Magic Tree
  • Student Jury Award:Tree, No. 73

2008 Taiwan International Children’s TV & Film Festival / 2008/04/04-04/08 / Eslite Xin Yi Store
  • Best Dramatic Feature:  I am
  • Best Animation: Lavatory-Lovestory
  • Best Documentary: I am in a Hand Puppet Troupe
  • Best TV Program: Journey Through the Palace Museum-Beauty Contest
  • Best Film From Taiwan:  The Secret in the Wind
  • Best TV Program From Taiwan:Full Record of Taiwan-The Edible Fish with Poison for Fisherman in the Past
  • Special Jury Prize: Please Vote for Me
  • Audience Award:Mid Road Gang
  • Children’s Jury Award:Let’s Go Dancing

2006 Taiwan International Children’s TV & Film Festival / 2006/01/13~2006/01/17 / Taipei City Youth Recreation Center
  • Best Dramatic Feature:Viva Cuba
  • Best Documentary:Mad Hot Ballroom
  • Best Animation:Vent
  • Best TV Program:Hot News Weekly - A Dream Journey
  • Best Taiwan TV Program: Mighty Media - Faces of Orientals in Hollywood Movies
  • Best Taiwan Film:A Fish with a Smile
  • Special Jury Prize:Behind the Mountains
  • Audience Award:The Peace Tree
  • Children's Jury Award The Seeds,the Children and the Hope

2004 Taiwan International Children’s TV & Film Festival / 2004/01/09-01/13 / Taipei City Youth Recreation Center
  • Best Dramatic Feature:  Mss Entebbe
  • TSMC Animation Award:  Showa Shinzan
  • Best Documentary: Disa Moves to Japan
  • Best Television Program: Mighty Media-Hollywood Codes
  • Taiwan Award-Best Picture: Badu's Homework
  • Taiwan Award-Best Television Program: Mighty Media-Hollywood Codes
  • Jury Award: When Mum and Dad are Clowns
  • Viewer Choice: Toghther