Is there any restriction on who can enter the festival? Is there an entry fee?
Anyone is welcome – male or female, young or old, student or professional – as long as you are interested in the festival. And there are no entry fees.

Is there a limit of the length of movies that can be entered?
Dramas, documentaries and TV programs must be longer than ten minutes and less than 90 minutes. Animation films must be at least one minute long.

Can a director enter more than one film in the festival?
Yes. There is no limit on the number of films one person can enter. Just be sure that each work is entered separately and all information is complete and accurate.

Can I enter a film that has been shown in another film festival or has been screened publicly?
Yes, as long as the film was completed after August 2009.

How many episodes of a TV series need to be entered in the festival?
One episode is enough. If the show is a series, you can enter any episode from the series.

Can you help me out if there is a problem with copyrights to the music used in a film?
If you use clips or music or other creative materials that are copyrighted, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder before you can show a film in the festival. We recommend that in discussions about the use of copyrighted materials you inform the other party very clearly whether you have used a clip or music or whatever and how much you used, and explain that the work is not a commercial film. Get signed permission from the copyright holder and submit it to the festival committee with your entry form. Producers and directors must resolve any copyright problems on their own.

What qualifications are there for the category of the “Taiwan Award”?
The “Taiwan Award” is intended to encourage film and TV program makers in Taiwan to produce more and better works for children. Candidates may be chosen from all categories. The only restriction is that it must have been made by an individual, school, group or company from Taiwan.

Can film distributors from Taiwan participate in the International category of films?
The festival welcomes independent producers, directors, television stations and film studios from every corner of the globe to participate. And that of course includes Taiwan. If you are a distributor that represents film makers from overseas you are also most welcome to take part in the festival.

What kind of subtitling is needed for the DVD submitted to the festival?
If the film is originally in English or Chinese, you do not need to add Chinese subtitles. If it is in another language, you need to submit English subtitles. Finalists in the competition will be shown with both Chinese and English subtitles.

If I cannot complete all the documentation and materials before the deadline, can I register on site at the festival?
The deadline for entries to the festival is October 31, 2011. We regret that we cannot accept any films or programs with a postmark later than that date.