The Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival (TICFF) was initiated in 2004 by PTS in order to broaden the international outlook of children in Taiwan and stimulate their ability to create and use their imagination. It is the first such activity in Taiwan – and indeed in all of Asia – to be designed specifically for children 12 years old or younger. In addition to bringing in and showing outstanding dramas, documentaries, animations and television programs, the Festival also includes an international competition with generous prizes that attracts the best works in children’s viewing to participate. This year the Festival introduces a new feature, a special Taiwan prize which will be awarded to the work that best represents creative work in Taiwan and exemplifies the highest standards in the industry. Hopefully this new category will inspire more film and video producers in Taiwan to work harder to turn out high quality works for children on the island.

In addition, a key part of the Festival is the “Kids as Directors” section, which focuses on works in which young filmmakers have had a key role in production. This category gives young people a chance to display their creativity and serves as another way to bring children closer to the world of film and video.

PTS has striven since its founding in 1998 to serve the people of Taiwan with the finest in television viewing for viewers of all ages. PTS has also taken on the heavy responsibility of organizing and carrying out TICFF in order to give children in Taiwan a chance to view the world from a better vantage point. Hopefully the works shown in this Festival will introduce young viewers to other cultures and other perspectives and help to broaden the horizons of all who come to the events.