It's All Guess Who's Fault! I'll Sort It Before I Die! Before I Die!

Last year, Zhou Shi-ya won a Guess Who film competition that solicited 3-minute short films from the public on the concept of "home."

Zhou Shi-ya is a hospitality management graduate who cleans rooms on a daily basis as part of her housekeeping job at a large hotel, but when it comes to cleaning her own home, piles of brick-a-brack, strange curios, and box upon box of her father's books cluttering up the family's living space, leaves her at a loss where to begin.

In this episode, we discover how Shi-ya's father justifies his extreme hoarding tendencies; what effect the cramped living conditions have on the family's life; and that strange critters have been lurking in the junk beneath Shi-ya's bed!


Shi-ya: People with much tidier homes will feel a sense of satisfaction. That someone else's home is messier than theirs.

Mr. Zhou: In ten years, I'll be 70. I can't take this stuff with me. If I want to live a happier life in these later years this must be my work and spiritual practice.

Mrs. Zhou: If she'd told me she was filming I would have tidied the place up. I'd have packed everything away before letting her start filming. I wouldn't have allowed things to be filmed in that condition.

Hong-yu: Must come from a lifetime of spiritual practice. Even when you get to 70 letting go will still be a hard thing to do.

Hong-yan: You sit down and simply want to enjoy what you're watching. But at the side you'll notice old newspapers and other stuff to be recycled. And then there'll be all kinds of painting stuff or whatever. It ruins your mood.


The writer Giddens Ko's father:Letting go. A cup that's full can't be refilled. There are some things including material and immaterial that we need to let go of.