An Internet Celebrity's Life Beyond the Closet

In this week's episode, we meet You-ren, a young and openly gay man in Taiwan who made his name through satirical online videos.

Aware of his sexuality since a young age, we discover how You-ren took the step of coming out, what his family thinks of his sexuality, and what it's like living as a gay performing artist in Taiwan.


Tu You-ren: That's the reason why on my very first performance I made this known to everyone. I hope that once everyone knows and begin focusing on my performances or in my career in show business... I hope they feel that it's really no big deal that we're all people. We're all the same. There's no difference.

Xiao-jie: They were shocked and a little bit angry. Perhaps they blame themselves. Or feel I've been led astray…led astray by You-ren. Lately, things have got…We just avoid talking about it. But they respect me. I'm actually very open about it all. But I still think about my family. I don't want to make trouble for them.

Tu Ting-yu: When taking a shower he'd wrap his chest with a towel. Some of his actions were more feminine. I wanted to change him. But to him it seemed…that such things…were totally natural and that nothing was wrong. It couldn't be changed. So I thought to myself, why not just let nature take its course. As long as he's healthy, happy and safe.

Yao Xing-hui: My heart ached for him. Because homosexuality in today's society especially in rural areas…isn't so accepted yet.


Jane Lee:Marriage equality is my look forward to that. I look forward to cultural progress in Taiwan And progress in attitudes. Progress in all other areas of thinking. Yeah, more openness and more acceptance. It's not even acceptance. It's to wish other's well.