Where Gods Outnumber People

58-year-old happy-go-lucky tour guide Lin Ai-lan, aka Blackie, and her jack-of-all-trades son, 30-year-old A-jiang, live on the outlying Matsu islands, where the weather and traffic are left to fate and deities outnumber people.

In this episode, we discover what simple pleasures in life A-jiang yearns for from the mainland; how festive celebrations on Matsu are a lively affair, with the living, dead, and deities, all joining the fun; and what it's like to live in a place where the gods have more control over everyday affairs than the people!


Lin Ai-lan: Just like his grandma said"When your mother and I have already left this world you must carry on the traditions and worship." Do you know how he replied? "What age are we living in?" "What age are we living in?" "Do you want me to carry the altar with me?" His grandma was stumped for words. So she shut up. Change with the times.

Wang Jiang-jie: Once it's my turn to worship I'll probably pull out some kind of menu with pizza or KFC and ask which they'd like to eat. Then I'll order it. That's what our generation will do. What's all this for?


Doze Niu:I'm really enamored by Matsu. I've enjoyed their hospitality ate some delicious food and listened to some stories. So the journey was very worthwhile. This goodwill that they've shown is something I cherish.