Born to Be Taiwanese Sons-In-Law

Homeschooled by devout Christian parents with strong family values, Joel, Zack, and Ethan Feig are three brothers from Wisconsin in the United States who have a special bond with Taiwan.

Following graduation from high school, the brothers all volunteered as English teachers in Nantou, Taiwan, where they fell in love with the country.

In this episode, we discover why the boys decided to settle down in Taiwan; what they love and loathe about living in a foreign country; and what they consider to be an indispensable survival skill in Taiwan!


Zhuang You-lan: I feel that his situation is similar to the foreigners in our family in terms of their complaints. I empathize with them. And admire the fact that he's stayed and worked hard in Taiwan.

Joel Feig: Really enjoyed the topics that he discussed and just felt like part of the family even after just meeting him for a short time. And just really like seeing how he interacted with his own daughter.

Ethan Feig: He ponders and analyzes things. I think that's great.

Zack Feig: I liked seeing how he interacted with his daughter. It was good to see how he teaches his kids. And good to hear about his experiences in Taiwan.

Sheryl: It was wonderful to meet him and to chat about and share the differences between his experiences and our experiences. Yeah, and it feels like we've made a really good friend.


Rifat:I really like their feeling of unity. I like their way of thinking. They see things like my parents did. Give kids a little more space. Let kids decide what they want to do. What I saw was a family with lots of vitality.