My Parents Are Firefighting Buddies

Wang Zheng-li and his wife, Yeh Guan-qing, are firefighters who also work on the frontline of search and rescue during major incidents like earthquakes and typhoons in Taiwan.

Due to the long irregular shifts, Zheng-li and Guan-qing spend more time apart than they do together and rarely see their two sons; however, they sometimes unexpectedly bump into each other out on the job.

In this episode, we discover why the couple chose to work in a profession that makes family life such a challenge; what it's like to be the only woman in a male-dominated firefighting crew; and how it feels when the superheroes on TV are none other than your own parents.


Wang Zheng-li: When Mom called me, I could hear the ambulance,while Mom was nervously explaining what had happened to Dad. I went totally blank. I rushed back on the high-speed train. I work in the emergency services. But I was unable to provide assistance. Father has tubes all over him.He just lies there motionless. He just lies there motionless. It makes me feel a little regretful.

Yeh Guan-qing: One time, I thought he was asleep and left to catch the train. I was running late. He came running out crying. He followed me to the station. He has a female cousin. He said to her "Cousin, why is your daddy able to sleep at home with you each day?" "Why can't my daddy and mommy do that?" Though it's just kids talking,it makes me feel rather sad.

You-quan: I'm a little hero. Mommy, No matter I'm asleep or not,you shouldn't sneak out silently.


Sister Kiwi:I'm sure they've spent ample time accompanying their kids. Because the kids look very stable. And are full of love. They've grown up in an environment that's full of love. You can tell from the adorable way the youngest smiled.