A Warrior Never Dies

Despite sixteen years of chronic drug abuse that destroyed his career and left him languishing behind bars, the now 49-year-old Tan Xi-xian, who goes by the name of Summer, eventually kicked the habit and snatched his life back from the jaws of death.

Today, he is the director of a drug rehab center in Taiwan, where he dedicates his life to helping others in a similar predicament.

In this episode, we hear why the stunning coastal road to Hualien turned into a watershed moment in Summer's life; how a seemingly insignificant gesture in his formative years left an indelible mark on his heart; and what it means to live in a family without borders.


Tan Xi-xian:When I think back on those times thankfully I picked myself up. Going from negativity to a state of normality was a process in which I experienced and learned things that allowed my future path to be much smoother. On the contrary it was a blessing in disguise.

Ling Zhou-qi:The day I decided... I decided, had a good scream and okay. I screamed and hollered in my own room. I never hollered at him. In my room. Okay, that's it then. Then it was finalized. Then I thought…For 20 years he was the only boyfriend I'd had. So I suddenly I felt incredibly free.

Tan Kai-wen:His deepest impression from the time was a hair-raising event. Throwing knives. I think I walked into the room or whatever and a knife came whizzing past. I think it stuck in the door.

Zhu Yu-xin:He really opened up. It's rare to see him so relaxed. Yeah, the teacher made him cry. Entirely…Crying tears of joy. We usually only hear that kind of moronic laughter from him.


Chen Rui-yun:Summer has made such a success of his life. It's so comforting to me. These kids have abused drugs for years and he’s able to turn their lives around. That's not easy.