A heart-warming family reality show that brings public figures and ordinary families together for in depth exchanges!!!

“Taiwan's PTS ‘Guess Who’ visits a family in each episode, invites and brings along a guest of their dreams for dinner...” This opening has been said every Friday night for over 10 years, is a well-known slogan for this Friday night top-ten rated program.

Program History

“Guess Who” started its first season in 2008, airing every Friday night at 21:00 on Taiwan's PTS. It is a real person reality show documenting a Taiwanese family in each episode. A fantasy guest of the family's is invited to come to their house for dinner to experience their lifestyle while exchanging thoughts and views on life with a discussion over dinner.

Famous guests appearing on the show including: Nobel laureate: Lee Yuan-Tseh(李遠哲); Entertainers: Jolin Tsai(蔡依林), A-Mei(張惠妹), Chang Hsiao-Yen(張小燕), Hatano Yui(波多野結依); Movie directors: Wu Nien-Jen(吳念真), Wang Shaudi(王小棣), Chapman To(杜文澤); Politicians: Tsai Ing-Wen(蔡英文), Ko Wen-Je(柯文哲), Lai Ching-Te(賴清德), Wang Chien-Shien(王建煊); Business leaders: Cite Media Holding Group CEO Ho Fei-Peng(何飛鵬), CTBC Bank chairman Jeffrey Koo(辜仲諒), Wowprime chairman Dai Sheng-Yi(戴勝益)…etc.

Awards Received

  • 2016 Five-star recipient of the “Quality Show for Children and Teenagers”
  • 2015 The 50th Golden Bell Award - Finalist for “Best Comprehensive Program”
  • 2012 The 47th Golden Bell Award – Recipient of “Best Comprehensive Program”
  • 2010 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - Recipient of “TV Reality-Based Program Platinum Remi”
  • 2009 Singapore Asian TV Awards - Recipient of “Best Reality Program”
  • 2009 Bulgaria Golden Chest International Television Festival – Finalist for “TV Formats”

Program Content

  • Family Reality-Based Documentary
    This program documents unique stories of families in Taiwan, with the focus on family relationships, their growth, their dreams, and difficulties they face in life.
    • What kind of life views does your birth family give you?
    • Does your family support or are they against your personal ideals?
    • Our first lesson on relationships start in the family, and it may be one of the most difficult ones to learn, since no matter how sweet the relationship is, there will always to be ups and downs. From our interactions with family members, we receive nurturing, and sometimes directions for self-improvement. How is your relationship with your spouse, children, siblings and in-laws? Is it sweet, warm, full of misunderstandings, or conflicting? How do you cope? What was your experience during the adjusting, communication or non-communication process? What did you learn?
  • The family dining table is the best platform for thought sharing.
    n this program, family members and guests exchange their thoughts, and share their life experiences over the dinner table. Each family is asked for a list of fantasy guests that they want to have dinner with. Based on each family’s situation, the “Guess Who” production team will invite the most anticipated guest on the list and reveal the identity of the surprise guest right before the dinner. A family meal is served to welcome the guest, so the guest feels at home while life experiences and wisdom is shared over dinner.

Value of the Program: Sharing is about helping others!

“Each family has its difficulties, we just have to find happiness in the midst of traumas and dramas. Like the caption states at the end of the program…as long as we are happy.”

“My family faces similar situations, except that it’s more complicated.”

“I would like to encourage the male antagonist in this episode, children should not live under parents’ expectations.”

These are a few messages from the “Guess Who” fans. Many viewers feel that they face similar family relationship issues the families documented in the show face, and by watching the program, viewers have the chance to reflect on their own life experiences.

Families documented in the show have one common characteristic: they are willing to share their true family stories, and the wisdom that they have acquired through their own family interactions. Filming for “Guess Who” is both self-serving and helpful to others, because

  • Through filming “Guess Who”, families re-visit and re-organize their life history, and perhaps gain a deeper understanding or experience self- healing during the filming process.
  • From someone who has gone through the experience, sharing your wisdom is to support and help viewers with similar experiences.

translated by Michelle Chen